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Aimee Fritz
Team Fritz moved to Georgia this summer. It's been a major transition for us. Especially with starting new schools.

My daughter, Greta, has had a hard time getting on the bus in the dark to go to 2nd grade with no friends. So one morning when she got on the bus and with her head down and sad face I did a little Chicken Dance for her. She laughed when she looked out the window.

So I did it again the next day. And the next. Just for her. To give her a reason to smile and hopefully feel loved. I'm not a morning person, or a dancing person, or a goofy person. It's just me alone in the dark at the bus stop cheering my girl on.

Then the next day all the kids on her bus started filling the windows to see the dance. Then the little girls in the front started flapping their arms and smiling at me as soon as the bus stopped. And the big boys in the back started yelling "Do the Chicken Dance!" And the Bus Driver, Mr. Frank, said, "Man, you've got a LOT of fans here on this bus!"

This has been going on for a couple weeks. Today, Greta, my Stage Mother said, "Mom, you gotta dance BIG today. Don't just look at me. Look at the whole bus! And don't stop dancing until you can't see the bus anymore.

And I said hopefully, "Oh honey. The dance is just for you? Right?"

But Greta said, "It makes everyone so happy I want to share it! So remember- Whole bus. Don't stop.

So the bus arrived, little girls in the front row were already flapping and smiling. Greta laughed and skipped to her seat. I flapped and kicked out the #ChickenDance. For the whole bus. Until it was out of view. And the waiting cars were watching too.

Team Fritz does a Family Compassion Focus each year, where we try to learn about and love new people in a new way. This year our Compassion Focus is Haiti, and we've chosen to work with Haiti Partners. They help Haitians changed Haiti through education. We know the people who help lead the organization we're are impressed with their humility, perspective and perseverance.

We want to help Haitian children get quality educations, so they can grow to be community and world changers.

We raised about $500 for HP at our going away parties in Wheaton, and have the Christmas Pallet Star fundraiser in the works. But we want to do something sooner.


I've shared the Chicken Dance stories online and so many of you want to see this crazy thing. It's mortifying.

So, here's the plan:

***On Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 6:40am.***

I, Aimee Fritz, will put on a CHICKEN COSTUME.
I will wear this costume TO THE BUS STOP.
I will allow this to be RECORDED.
I will allow this to be POSTED ONLINE.

But, I will ONLY do this if we can

My kids are so excited. I don't do this kind of thing. I told them the chicken costume had cover my face. But I will do this because I love them and I really want to raise awareness and money for a Haiti Partners. Greta is so excited because it "makes people happy and we can help Haiti!"

So, please do not give us any money. Please give money right to Haiti Partners. Click the link to the right and donate!

Please send in your donation by Tuesday, 9/8/15. It's totally tax deductible, you will be sent a receipt, and you will be sending Haitian children to great schools.

Aimee for Team Fritz

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